The Most Personalized Corporate Wellness Programs in India

How do Corporate Wellness Programs help?

Value Essence presents Cosmosphere, an initiative focused on health and balance of professionals conducts personalized corporate wellness programs in India. We conduct online training programs too for companies and individuals located overseas. We have stress management training and advanced meditation program for professionals to focus bring their focus on wellness amidst the 9-5 routine and improve their work performance.

Advance Meditation Program

Advance Meditation Program will focus on practising meditation techniques in a systematic manner in order to rejuvenate their health and well-being. You will learn how to meditate with ease and unplug from the clutter of work and other commitments in life.

Learning Meditation is the greatest gift one can receive.

Stress Management Training

Advance Stress Management Program is designed to help you relieve stress and discern the stressors in everyday situations. Stress is perceptive. It doesn't really exist until you choose to experience it. This program will help you deal with stress effectively.

Stress is a response of the mind, it is easily manageable.

Zen Wellness Meditation Club

Join our Meditation Club to incorporate the practice of Daily Meditation

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