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What is performance marketing?

Performance marketing is a dynamic approach to advertising that focuses on driving measurable results, such as conversions, leads, or sales. Unlike traditional advertising, which relies on fixed fees, performance marketing allows businesses to pay only when specific actions are achieved, making it a cost-effective and results-oriented strategy.

How Does Performance Marketing Work?

Performance marketing operates on the principle of pay-for-performance. Instead of paying for impressions or ad placements, businesses only compensate their marketing partners when desired actions are accomplished. Whether it’s a purchase, a click, a lead submission, or any other pre-defined action, the ability to track and measure these conversions is what makes performance marketing unique.

Benefits of performance marketing

   In today’s digitally-driven world, businesses are constantly searching for strategies that can deliver maximum results and increase their return on investment (ROI). With a plethora of marketing techniques available, finding the most efficient and effective approach can be a daunting task. However, performance marketing has emerged as a game-changer, providing businesses with actionable insights to achieve their marketing objectives and unlock unprecedented growth.

  • Maximizing Visibility and Reach
  • Measurable Results and Accountability
  • Budget Optimization and Cost Efficiency
  • Customer-Centric Approach

Reach your Target Audience with performance Marketing

Looking for a Performance Marketing Agency that is committed to results?

Your search ends here, Value Essence is the Marketing Agency that every company seeks, a reliable partner for your organization that is committed to delivering results. Whether you are looking for a Google Ads Agency, a Facebook Ads Agency in India, or something comprehensive like Digital Marketing for your Startup. 

Return on Investment

The main objective of performance marketing is to make returns more efficient on investments.

Customer Journey

We will consider the Customer Journey in our planning to ensure that Prospects become Paying Customers.

Data-driven Strategies

We will PLAN and MEASURE the performance at all stages, to optimize your campaign performance.

Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is an advertising platform developed by the popular search engine giant, Google. Its primary purpose is to enable businesses to display targeted ads across a wide range of online platforms and reach potential customers at the precise moment they are searching for specific products or services.

   The Google Ads interface provides a user-friendly experience, allowing advertisers to create, manage, and optimize their ad campaigns effortlessly. With an impressive range of targeting options and ad formats available, businesses can tailor their campaigns to reach a specific demographic or target audience.

Google ads
Meta ads

Meta Ads

Meta Ads is a relatively newer concept in the online advertising realm, focusing on privacy-aware advertising experiences. Meta Ads, as the name suggests, revolves around metadata, which provides ad-targeting capabilities without compromising users’ privacy.

Difference between Google Ads and Meta Ads

While both Google Ads and Meta Ads aim to enhance advertising experiences, they differ significantly in their underlying approach. Google Ads extensively tracks users’ activities and utilizes third-party cookies to serve personalized ads. In contrast, Meta Ads rely on metadata analysis within users’ devices to deliver relevant ads while keeping sensitive information locally, reducing the direct tracking of individual users.

The implementation of Meta Ads greatly varies from Google Ads, as it operates through a decentralized approach. Rather than relying on centralized servers, Meta Ads utilize device-level technologies to match advertisers and users on a local scale.

Certified Meta / Facebook Ads Agency

We are a certified Meta Ad Agency for Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp with a specialization in Pixel Conversion Ad and Lead generation Ads.

Certified Youtube & Google Ads Agency

We can help you run Ads no matter at what stage your customer is. We can drive conversion using search Ads and retargeted Native banner Ads, along with video Ads for Brand Awareness

Performance Marketing Agency

Measurement of Metrics

We will constantly monitor the metrics and measure the performance to ensure optimization of campaign. To provide data-driven marketing strategies to audit campaigns in real-time.

Marketing Funnel & Strategic Planning

Performance marketing helps you bridge the difference between marketing funnel and sales funnel and plan out your process in sync with the customer journey.

Different type of Ads

Hey there, fellow marketers and business owners! Welcome to our ultimate guide that explores the diverse world of advertising. Today, we’ll be shining a spotlight on the various types of ads that can help elevate your brand’s online presence. So, grab a seat and prepare to embark on this exciting journey!

Traditional Print Ads

Let’s kick things off by exploring the roots of advertising – traditional print ads. Although the contemporary marketing landscape has shifted significantly, print ads still hold value among certain demographics, providing tangible and visually appealing solutions. From magazine spreads to billboards, print ads offer a wide canvas for creativity and aesthetics.

Online Display Ads

As the digital world continues to evolve, online display ads have gained immense popularity. These ads are typically seen across websites, apps, and platforms in various sizes and formats, with the aim of grabbing users’ attention. While online display ads come with their own set of benefits and challenges, crafting an effective strategy can significantly boost your brand’s visibility.

Video Ads

The rise of video content consumption has given birth to a new era of advertising. From pre-roll ads that play before videos to native video ads subtly integrated into social media feeds, videos have become a powerful tool to engage audiences. We’ll explore the different types of video ads and analyse successful campaigns that have captivated viewers.


Social Media Ads

In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives, making it an ideal platform for advertisers. Major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer a myriad of ad formats to showcase your products or services. From Facebook ads that appear in users’ newsfeeds to Instagram ads displayed amidst captivating visuals, we’ll dissect the ins and outs of social media ads.

Native ads

One effective way to seamlessly blend your brand’s message into a user’s content consumption experience is through native ads. Often resembling the format of the platform, they appear on, native ads aim to provide valuable, non-disruptive content. Sponsored articles, promoted posts, and branded content are just a few examples of native ads we’ll be exploring to help you navigate this dynamic advertising technique.

Interactive Ads

If you’re aiming to create an immersive and engaging advertising experience, interactive ads are the way to go. Gamified ads, interactive videos, and eye-catching display ads have proven to capture audience attention and boost interaction rates

Interested in Content Marketing?

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Which platforms are advertisements run on?

Google ads

Facebook ads

Youtube ads

Bing ads

Instagram ads

Tiktok ads

Process of running an Ad

  • Define Your Advertising Goals

  • Research and Planning

  • Choose the Right Advertising Platform

  • Crafting Compelling Ad Copy

  • Creating Eye-Catching Visuals

  • Implementing Effective Ad Targeting

  • Setting Your Advertising Budget

  • Launching and Monitoring Your Ad Campaign

How much to budget for Ads?

If you’re a business owner or marketer, you probably understand the importance of advertising in achieving your growth and success goals. However, setting the right budget for your ads can be a daunting task. To help you navigate through this process and maximize your return on investment (ROI), we’ve curated a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know.

Conducting an analysis of your industry and competitors can provide valuable insights into ad spending benchmarks. Look into industry reports and evaluate average ad spending to identify common trends. Additionally, analyse your competitors’ advertising strategies and budgets. Are they investing heavily in specific channels or targeting particular demographics? Assessing their approach can help you determine where opportunities for differentiation lie and what level of investment is required to compete effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Technically, it is very similar to running Ads. However, performance marketing helps you plan and manage campaigns more efficiently to deliver better performance.

Google Ads can help you achieve any campaign objective like brand awareness, lead generation, traffic generation or direct sales conversion. Thus helping you advance your business goals with the help of google ads.

Yes, planning is essential before starting the campaign otherwise, competition could take away your potential customers.

Yes, there are no other major search engines. So google is the primary one. However, we can also work on Bing.