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Inception Story of Value Essence, Hyper Local Marketing Agency

Value Essence is renowned as India’s #1 Hyper Local Marketing Agency. We help businesses become local brands and scale up their business growth.

Let’s understand the Current Landscape to see what’s currently going on in the industry. In the marketing Industry, all players are offering the same services with little to no differentiation. Large companies often charge a premium ut end up outsourcing the work to smaller agencies. Moreover, there are also many freelancers who work for fewer charges, which makes the industry extremely competitive. Lastly, there are many marketing scams and shell companies that engage in unscrupulous practices. This has diminished the trust of potential customers and choosing a marketing agency becomes a high-involvement decision for customers. There are many competitors. It is a highly saturated market with ever-growing demand. Some competitors include WATConsult, Pinstorm,, Gozoop, and many more. Every player offers similar services. In fact, many large agencies often outsource work to smaller agencies

Value Essence Birth Story

Value Essence started in April 2020. Initially, it started as an idea to help wellness professionals leverage marketing solutions to grow their businesses. Over 18 months had passed but we realized that our company wasn’t solving any real-life problems for our clients. We were just providing the same services as everybody else. We had many success stories and had some good insights into what worked for our clients. So, in 2022, we developed our Hyper-Local Marketing Strategy and started to help businesses with Local Marketing and Branding. We have been able to combine multiple marketing services that work in synergy to create a proven and tested approach for local market domination. This involves various areas of focus: Search Marketing, Google Business Profile optimization, Local Citation building, and Performance Marketing. No competitor provides local marketing services in such a strategic manner. We have developed a system to help any business beat its competitors and capture the local market share. To date, we have been able to help 15 local businesses dominate their local markets and serve over 550 businesses with various marketing solutions. Our core team consists of 5 people as of 2022. We care about client success, therefore the desire to serve and deliver the best outcome possible is at the core of our organizational values. Our vision is to serve over 100,000 clients and become the #1 industry authority in Local Marketing in India and a renowned local marketing agency globally.

A Customer Story

One of our clients was a restaurant – Metreoberry Hospitality LLP. They started their restaurant in December 2021, we helped them spread awareness in a 5-kilometer radius and promote their business using performance marketing and in-app Ads with food aggregators. Today after 1 year of working with us, they have been able to not just recover their investment, but also expand to another outlet.


“Local is the foundation of some of the biggest brands. Fortify local presence and achieve market domination, one location at a time.” – Harsh Shah, Founder of Value Essence LLP

We believe that Hyper local marketing is essential for all Indian businesses at this time when the economy is booming. The next century belongs to India, and everyone knows that marketing plays a critical role when it comes to business growth. However, only a few players will be able to grab the opportunity and beat their competition to reign over the industry. All we can claim is “Local Marketing is going to be of paramount importance for Business Growth.