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Top 5 Marketing Trends to follow in 2023

Trend #1 – Hyper-personalization
More personalization of client experience with the brand for relevance,
to boost conversion, and develop better relationships with potential clients.
Trend #2 – Immersive Social Experience and Interactive content
We will start to see more interactive experiences with video content with on-screen calls to action.
Trend #3 – Local Search will reign
Google delivers location-specific search results even for generic searches. Two people from different cities will see different results based on their location.
Trend #4 – Higher Adoption of AI Tools in content creation and Google algorithm will begin to support it.
Higher Adoption of AI-based content creation tools is likely to take place. We will also see a google update soon on AI-created content and it’s suitability in reference to SEO.
Trend #5 – Videos will be Shorter, and Blog Articles will be Longer

Shorter Video Content will perform better, alternatively longer blog articles will perform better.