Top 5 Sales Mistakes to Avoid

As the quote from Henry Ford goes “Nothing happens until someone sells something”; sales still become the most important in business. Sales help in the growth of your business by generating leads who are loyal to your products or services.

However, sales mistakes can adversely affect sales outcomes. It can crumble the confidence of your employers and further make the company lose its revenue.

This article provides you with the top 5 sales mistakes to avoid.

  1. Lack of Preparation

Preparation is vital in your sales process. Without preparation, you cannot succeed. Think of the day in your school sitting in the class for an exam unprepared and finally realizing what the result would be. The same goes for sales when you go unprepared in front of a potential client or prospect.

When you meet your client unprepared, you look unprofessional. The client loses interest and sees you as the one not giving any importance to their background and details. This leads your business to lose credibility and sales.

  1. Focusing too much on products or services

You can use the hard selling or soft selling approach to sell a product.

Hard selling is a direct approach and is focused only on selling the product. This can be a turn-off for prospects. Here, a sense of urgency is created and customers are not given enough time to think about the product.

You can have the soft selling approach indeed which works more often where you are more concerned with the customers’ problems and issues. This approach focuses on maintaining a bond through which the prospect seems to build trust with the salesperson.

  1. Overselling

Overselling means convincing a customer to buy a product more than what he/she needs. Even after putting the mind into purchasing the product, overselling can put your customer in doubt and create trust issues with your company as well. It may happen that the customer opts for your suggested product by the end, but the prospect may be out for future purchases from your company.

This over-selling tactic is not approachable as the customers seem to be more aware today due to the upgradation of technology. Thus, it’s better to have a consultative approach listening to your customer’s concerns and being honest, transparent with your product or service.

  1. Ignoring the competition

Ignoring the competition can be a serious mistake in sales. You will be missing out on what your competitors are offering to the audience and this may lead to losing your worthy customers. Don’t forget that various companies like yours are offering numerous creative ideas and ways to draw customers in. By avoiding your competitors, you are somewhat lacking behind.

You are required to research properly about your competitors in the field and be aware of the prospect’s current situation or needs. Sort out creative ways in building a value proposition that is unique and stands out from the crowd.

  1. Failing to follow up

Following up with your customers is a vital aspect. It’s a way of assuring that you’ll provide solutions to your customers as promised.

Always be fast in responding to those calls, emails, and texts of your customers. Sending personalized and relevant follow-up messages helps in building a genuine relationship, but don’t forget to maintain it even after the sale.


Doing mistakes like the ones mentioned above can lead you in losing precious time, money, and your business’s credibility as well. The list does not, however, end here. Everything is changing every day with the upgradation of technology. So, try to adopt and practice ways that would make you better and your product unique.

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