5 ways to monetize your blog

Blogs are websites where you’re provided insight into a certain topic. By monetizing, you’re able to earn money from your blog.

Following are the 5 ways to monetize your blog.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

When you use a unique link in your blog to promote a company’s product or service, then you’re into affiliate marketing.

While doing affiliate marketing, try to promote products that you have already purchased and used ensuring that you are promoting a high-quality product.


  • It’s easy to get into the affiliate marketing industry.
  • There is flexibility and you can work whenever you want.


  • You are fully dependent on the merchant’s rules.
  • There is tough competition for affiliate marketers in the market.


  1. Sponsored Content

The promotional content for which you get paid by the sponsor or company is the sponsored content.

Making a profile on Influencer Network is the easiest way to start earning money from sponsored content. You can create a media kit as well with your name, URLs, social media sites, and rates. Linqia, Aspire IQ, and Acorn are some sites from where you can get sponsored content opportunities.


  • You can have a high engagement rate.
  • Your customers tend to trust sponsored content more than traditional ads.


  • Viewers can easily be duped into thinking the ad is simply content.
  • Creating sponsored content is not only laborious but also an expensive process.


  1. e-Books and Online Courses

E-books and online courses are digital products that can be read and viewed from a digital device. E-books can be in a PDF format or they can be sold in digital platforms such as Amazon. Whereas online course is a mix of video teaching, written teaching, and downloads including worksheets, cheat sheets, etc.

Advantages of e-books

  • You can read e-books anywhere, anytime.
  • E-books are environment-friendly and long-lasting.

Disadvantages of e-books

  • You require internet and electricity with e-books that can’t be downloaded.
  • E-books are discomforting for the eyes.


Advantages of online courses

  • Online courses offer flexibility and convenience to students.
  • You can have access to expert instructors.

Disadvantages of online courses

  • More time-consuming than students’ on-campus classes.
  • Online courses may create a sense of isolation.


  1. Advertising

Advertising can be of various forms such as direct ads, pay-per-click ads, affiliate ads, and pay-per-impression ads.

There are many networks that you can rely on for ads. The most popular is the GoogleAdSense. But make sure that ads are related to your audience’s interests.


  • Advertising is simple by just creating a product, launching, or finding affiliate products for reviewing.
  • You can expect a consistent income from ads.


  • With a single click on your ad, your potential reader can be drawn away from the blog.
  • One big drawback is that the ads can turn your blog unattractive and look spammy.


  1. Membership Programs

A membership program gives access to exclusive content and products once the reader becomes a member of it.

Select a membership model for a membership site. It can be a model of the online course, blog post, or reward points as well. Then choose a platform for uploading content such as Teachable.


  • It is easy to set up a membership site.
  • Premium content can increase the value of your content.


  • You may face technical issues.
  • You need to be continuously promoting and marketing your membership site.



Though only 5 ways of monetizing your blog are mentioned here; the list goes on. Create compelling content and choose one or more monetization methods from above that you find relevant. Don’t be afraid of being creative to make more out of your blogs which would be loved by the audience.

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